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Getting Started

Investify is an accessible, slick & easy mobile app to help you to save & invest your short term idle money. It enables you to invest and withdraw in just a click while your money grows at an expected rate of 6.5-8.5% p.a.
Extremely safe, investing money through Investify Smart Saving A/c is a great alternative to savings account or FD to get returns on your idle money. Your money is invested in Ultra short term debt funds which can grow your money faster & give returns which are much better than your FDs or savings account. Ultra short terms debt funds invest in low risk or moderately low risk short duration bonds issued by government and debt funds of highly rated companies. And you get to see the interest amount deposited into your account on a daily basis. That's like, watching your money grow on a daily basis. It's so cool and safe as well.
Investify’s Smart Saving A/c channels your money to the selected liquid mutual fund which gives the best return at lowest risk. You will have full visibility and control of your money at all times. You can choose to add or withdraw money anytime, anywhere with no penalties applicable.
Most of us aren’t regular investors and hence more often than not whatever money we have keeps lying idle in savings bank account or at best will get locked away in fixed deposits. To solve the same problem we created Investify, using the Smart Saving A/c your money gets invested directly in your name on a pre-selected liquid mutual fund, which gives you daily returns and are as safe as savings bank deposit (as they also invest in govt. securities etc.), and can be withdrawn anytime i.e. no lock in like FDs.
Investify Smart Saving A/c is better than savings account and fixed deposit because :-
  • Returns in the range of 6.5-8.5%
  • No Lock In
  • Interest gets credited on daily basis
  • Instant Withdrawal
You will start to earn interest from the day your deposit is received and invested.
Interest is compounded and credited to your account daily.

Opening an Account

Here are the next steps:
  1. Sign Up : Sign up using Google or Face book or by entering your email address.
  2. PAN Verification : Please enter your PAN number and check if it is KYC verified or not. We will call you shortly (during office hours) if your PAN is not KYC verified and explain the process for the same. Our executive will answer all your queries and will guide you to proceed for Account Activation.
  3. Additional Documents (Optional) : Depending on your KYC Status we will request you for additional documents. If you are already KYC Verified, we don’t need any further information from you.
  4. Account Activation : It’s a simple process which takes around 3 mins to complete. After you have submitted the necessary details, the account will be created on instantaneous basis .
  5. Start Investing : Post activation of account, you can start investing through net banking or debit card.
  6. What is the minimum deposit to open Smart Savings A/c? The minimum opening deposit is INR 500.

About Your Account

There is no minimum balance requirement.
We don’t charge no fees to our clients.
There is neither any commitment of tenure for the investments nor any limit on the number of withdrawals.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Don’t worry. Sometimes, the bank servers do not respond in time with regards to the confirmation of the funds being debited from your account for investment to our app. We will update the in process amount on the Transaction history screen as soon as we get the confirmation from the bank.
No. You can invest only through app using your debit card or internet banking using our secured payment gateway.
There is no minimum period or lock-in. You have the option to withdraw your money anytime. Your money will grow from the very next day that you have invested, irrespective.
You can start investing any amount from a minimum of INR 500 for the first transaction and INR 100 thereafter.
Your money will be deposited back to the same bank account which you have registered with us at the time of account creation on Investify.
You can have access to your money anytime of the day. It is so liquid that you can withdraw the money even on a Sunday and it will be credited to your account instantly (within 30 minutes up to a limit of Rs. 2 lakhs).
You can invest/add money or withdraw as often as you want. There are no restrictions on the frequency of your transactions. Also, there are no penalties or charges applicable when you withdraw your money.
Yes you can. However, your primary bank account will remain the same and at the time of withdrawal, the money will be deposited in your primary bank account.
Funds get paid in Investor's bank within 1 working day after the Transaction Date. For eg: 1) Mr. Mohan apply redemption on Monday before 3 pm, then Monday will be the transaction day and pay out will be done on Tuesday. 2 ) Mr. Mohan apply redemption on Friday after 3 pm, then Monday will be the transaction day and pay out will be done on Tuesday.
All investments are processed during working days (Monday-Friday) from 9 AM to 3 PM. Incase, your transaction is during any other time, the investment will process on the next working day. You will receive a confirmation from our side on the receipt of the request.
For Example: An investment done on Sunday will be processed on Monday and will be processed on Monday.


Our office is located at:
227 Paradise Complex,
Sayajigunj, Vadodara,
390005 - Gujarat.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday 10 am to 7 pm.
We would love to answer all your queries. You can reach us on Phone, WhatsApp and Email. You can find the details in the Contact Us page.


Investify Pockets represent your investment goals. For each of your investment target, create an Investify Pocket and track your investment goals. Now you can add goals, set target price and target date and keep a track.